Text Parsing

To parse text for variables, case-matched text, math, global variables, and Int/Float expressions, use the TextUtility class.

Text Utility

Montebearo.Discourse.TextUtility : class [static]

Static class used for parsing various parts of text.


Methods Returns Description
ParseString(string text, IVariableProvider selfProvider, bool parseMath) string Parse all aspects of an incoming string. Parsing occurs in the following order: GlobalVariables, Variables, Math expressions (if ‘parseMath’ is set to true) and finally replacement of case-matched text. The IVariableProvider ‘selfProvider’ sets the provider to use when the first self-referencing variable syntax is found (‘$.’ format).
ParseAsInt(string text, bool evaluateExpression) int Attempts to parse a string as an int. If ‘evaluateExpression’ is set to true, it will attempt to resolve a calculation within the text. First parses the string using ParseString(), then optionally evaluates expressions, before using int.TryParse() to retrieve the final result.
ParseAsFloat(string text, bool evaluateExpression) float Same as ParseAsInt(), but with the float data type.
StyleText(string sourceText, FontStyle style) string Wraps sourceText in the rich-text tags appropriate for the given FontStyle (Bold: <b>, Italic: <i> and BoldItalic: <b><i>).

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