Actor Info display

New release [v1.1.0]

Montebearo.Discourse.ActorInfoDisplay : MonteBehaviour, IActorInfoDisplay

The ActorInfoDisplay component is used for displaying an Actor’s Name and Portrait at runtime, above relevant dialogue text, such as via the Speech action.

Protected Virtual Properties

Property Returns Description
VisibilityHandler IVisibilityTransitionHandler The IVisibilityTransitionHandler responsible for transitioning the display’s visibility.


public interface Montebearo.Discourse.IActorInfoDisplay


Method Returns Description
DisplayActorInfo(ActorInfo actorInfo, Sprite portrait, bool changePortrait) void Display the given actor information. If ‘changePortrait’ is set to true, switch to the supplied ‘portrait’, otherwise, leave it set to its current value.
Hide(bool immediate) void Hide the display from the screen. Immediate indicates whether an IVisibilityTransitionHandler should set the ‘Instant’ flag.