AudioHandlers are used for playing Audio on various objects, including Actors and the EventBehaviour.

Actor’s require their own AudioHandler for playing voiced dialogue lines. Audio played by the built-in AudioAction node will use the EventBehaviour’s AudioHandler.

Any dialogue that is referenced as Narrator dialogue (i.e the ActorReference is set to ‘Narrator’) will use a prefab specified on the PreferencesDatabase.


public interface Montebearo.Discourse.IAudioHandler : IEventComponent


Property Returns Description
IsPlaying bool Returns true for as long as this handler is playing Audio.


Method Returns Description
RunInstruction(IAudioInstruction instruction) void Run a given audio instruction using its contained parameters.
Play(IAudioClipProvider clipProvider) void Play an IAudioClip. (Generic such that you can extend your own implementation).
PlayOneShot(IAudioClipProvider clipProvider) void Play an IAudioClip in a “OneShot” mode; i.e. run it immediately in the same way as the Unity PlayOneShot() method would.
Resume() void Resume playing the current clip.
Pause() void Pause the clip currently playing.
Stop() void Stop the current clip.